Best time to go for Antarctic adventures

Best time to go for Antarctic adventures

Going for a tour in vacations, is not an exception, and you can never miss the exciting adventures. You may like to visit far places and even travelling to the other continents like spending your vacations in South America or even going to the North Pole or going for Antarctica tours. If you are travelling from Australia for a South America travel, or south America holidays summer can be best to visit there. But if you have planned to go to Antarctica then it will be an opposite thing you will be doing that is completely different from South America tours. As it is like visiting a new land, an out of the earth place where you can experience a new world, you have never seen before.

In addition to the difference in the overall experience you will also have to keep in mind that the time that is best to visit the southern parts of the world would not be a great time to visit to the Northern pole.

Rather, it will be the opposite one. As for Antarctica, people prefer to visit there or reach in the end or late mid of the October till March. It is because this time span belongs to the Antarctic summers. The snow begins to recede and the animals become apparent, and you can experience and see the life there.

The reason behind the October visits is because people reach there before the emergence of huge seals there and also it's the best time to land on the islands there through cruises and see how the north pole actually looks like.

The month of December and January is the best time to visit the region. It is because you have got plenty of long days and sunlight and also can observe the first Penguin hatches in the mid December. You can also see the whales arriving, during these months.

Still in the summer season from October to the month of March you'll have to prepare for the extreme cold temperatures.

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